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The following FAQs may help to answer some common questions about the School for Student Leadership Program and the residential experience for Year 9 students at our Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.

Campus Handbook

Both families and students may find it useful to read these FAQs as well as the Campus Handbook to assist in preparing for the School for Student Leadership experience at Gnurad-Gundidj, Glenormiston.


  • NO: a student is not expected to catch up on a terms worth of work while they participate at SSL. From multiple reports the growth they have during the program far exceeds the learning from mainstream. This is due to the fact they’re at SSL for 8 weeks straight, they live and breathe the curriculum.

  • We do have a selection of sporting equipment at all SSL campuses. You’re welcome to bring along additional sporting equipment, please ask a staff member if you’re unsure.

  • We don’t have pianos, but we do have some musical equipment at Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, including a keyboard. If you wish to play music or continue practicing with your instrument, please bring it along.

  • There is some ‘wriggle room’ for extra-curricular tutoring, this would occur during the student’s recreation time.

  • There are bathrooms located in each student wing which are used by the residents of those wings.

  • Yes, please bring a headlight; we check all electrical equipment and have it ‘test and tagged’

  • Yes, please bring your own digital camera – the more photograph’s the better!
    Note: we check all electrical equipment that requires charging and have it ‘test and tagged’

  • YES: We do have a School for Student Leadership SSL Student Equity Fund.
    Please visit this website and have a look for further information:

  • The iAm Pre-Arrival Questions & Activity Worksheet are also available on this website but they will also be given to you by your liaison teacher at your home school.

    This worksheet is best completed prior to arriving to start the School for Student Leadership program and will help the campus staff gain an insight into who you are.

  • Football games may be watched as part of a proposal for Recharge Days. All students do have the opportunity to view sporting highlights via various media outlets.

  • Yes, you will have access to Spotify, however having a selection of your own music is also welcomed and encouraged.

  • NO: Only once your selection to attend the Alpine School Campus has been confirmed by your school then you can go ahead and complete the  “Student Enrollment” process via the uEducateus website.


From our past students…

Some extra Q & A’s provided by our own students having attended Gnurad-Gundidj.

  • Yes 100%. There are so many different things you can do and that you will get to do during your 8 weeks over at Gnurad. So many new people you will most likely become friends with constantly entertain you and you will be having fun guaranteed.

    Steven, 2024

  • You get used to not having a phone because after the first week you completely forget about it as you are spending so much time having fun.

    Lily, 2024

  • The food here is amazing!!  There are 5 mealtimes in a day: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The meals vary every 3 weeks and continue the cycle.

    Delphi, 2024

  • Most of the rooms have 2 single beds (unless you are in the room with 3 people in it), one loft with both wardrobes (for you and your roommate) underneath. Opposite the beds there are 2 desks and a pinboard above the desks.

    Klara, 2024

  • Yes you do. It’s great to talk to your roommate about your day.

    Lachy, 2024

  • One day a week on either a Saturday or Sunday you will have a ‘recharge day‘ which is generally a weekend where you can relax at campus or plan an off-campus activity like mountain biking or a beach day

    Victoria, 2024

  • If you’re on campus, your classes are very spread out with lots of time to relax and catch up on work or with friends. If your off campus, you will usually be doing an outdoor activity that could be hiking, canoeing, surfing, and/or community service that will last from around 9:30 to 3:30.

    Indiana, 2024

  • I have been able to get used to the schedule quite easily after 2-3 days

    John, 2024

  • No, we don’t. There are no ‘normal’ school subjects.

    Toby, 2024

  • The community you are bound to meet will be supportive and friendly. It will be easy to make friends and live together almost like a large family.

    Alvin, 2024

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