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Term 3 - Student Program

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T3 2024 | Gnurad-Gundidj Campus

View an Example Program (Wk 3) at our Gnurad-Gundidj Campus plus a Snapshot of our Program in images

Program Snapshot


SSL Student Program
Classes & Timetable

Every emerging leader participates in all the same classes during their stay at the School for Student Leadership (SSL).

Core groups:

At the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, students are divided into four Core Groups: Merri, Moyjil , Tarnpirr & Yaloak

SSL Student Program – Example Week

The classes highlighted and described in an example of Week 3 of our student program shown below, follow the timetable of student classes for each of our four Core Groups during this week as shown.

Environs 4: Community Service

Students will work with a local community group or volunteer organisation, ranging from planting trees at Mt Noorat, building seating along walking trails in the region, building tree guards or propagating plants.

LLP 1: Intro

Local Learning Project 1: Students will team up with three others and begin planning a 20 minute lesson, which they’ll deliver to a visiting group of Grade 4 students the following week. The Grade 4 students come from a school in the local area, such as Mortlake, Terang, Noorat, Camperdown or Derrinallum.

CLP 2: Planning

Community Learning Project 2: Each school group will continue brainstorming and creating an action plan for bringing their Community Learning Project to fruition upon their return home.

Reflection Enhancement #2

Each evening, students write a relection upon their previous 24 hours. During this session, each student will spend time improving previous reflections, by adding greater detail and insight, whilst ensuring they are authentic and linked to one of the nine key Learning Concepts which form the basis of the curriculum at the School for Student Leadership.

EXPO 1 Prep

Students prepare by setting an Expo 1 goal, organising and packing individual and group gear and food, planning routes and allocating team roles. Students discuss managing emotional responses of self and peers as well as draw links between stretching comfort zone and stress and functionality to build confidence for Expo 1.


The first of two expeditions, students undertake a 1-night, 2-day expedition on the Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail. One day is spent cycling 18kms between Naroghid and Glenfyne, where the students will set up their tents to camp for the night. The other day consists of a 12km hike from Glenfyne to Timboon. During the expedition, students engage in various roles, such as navigator or caterer, whilst also sharing reflections of their experience. This experience promotes learning and challenge in all nine of the Learning Concepts which underpin the SSL curriculum.

EXPO Review

Students use photo evidence, feedback from their teacher and ‘feedback buddy’ and various analysis activities to reflect on their experiences during Expo 1. They set goals and prepare food orders for Expo 2 and update new learning on the Learning Concept pages on OneNote.

Spirit Spot

Each Saturday night, students spend time self-reflecting in the natural environment. This takes place in our designated outdoor ‘spirit spot’, under the canopy of native trees which were planted by past students of Gnurad-Gundidj Campus.


SSL Program: Week 3 | Term 1, 2024

Community Goal

Every Sunday night the community comes together to review the Weekly Community Goal. This 10 minute review, facilitated by the student leaders, will draw on the Community Agreement and the SSL Experiential Learning Model to inform the community goal for the upcoming week

RR 4: Community Agreement Review

Respectful Relationships 4: Having previously drafted a list of rights and responsibilities for all students to follow whilst living at Gnurad-Gundidj, the student community will revisit this draft document, refining it with the benefit of a fortnight’s lived experience at the campus. At the end of the session, all students will sign this Community Agreement, which they will hold each other accountable to for the remainder of their term at Gnurad-Gundidj.

Identity 4: ‘He Called Me Malala’

Documentary film – an inspiring story about Malala Yousafzai, who stood up for the rights of girls to be educated after the Taliban made it forbidden in Pakistan. She went on to be the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Identity 4: Me In A Minute ‘Role Model’

Having watched ‘He Called Me Malala’ the previous night, students design a one minute presentation about one of their role models. They will present this the next time they are Student Leader.

EM3 - Workshops

Emotional Management 3: During this session, students will explore a variety of activities and exercises designed to assist them with regulating their emotions effectively. These strategies are designed specifically to assist them during their nine weeks spent being a part of our communal living environment at Gnurad-Gundidj.

LLP 2: Planning

Local Learning Project 2: Students will continue preparing their lesson, which may include making props, assembling resources and writing scripts.

Environs 2: Built

The focus of this session is on ways to be more sustainable in our built environments, therefore being better stewards for our natural environment. Students will take action during this lesson to act sustainably such as creating a beeswax wrap. Students will then wrap their sandwiches in beeswax wraps instead of plastic cling film when they go off-campus.

Doco: ‘Old People’s Home for Teenagers’

Doco: ‘Old People’s Home for Teenagers’ – An intergenerational experiment to see if older adults and teenagers can form enriching bonds that combat loneliness.

Social Thinking

An evening activity revolving around board games and card games, providing social engagement with their peers from different schools around Victoria.

Seasonal Programs

Summer Editions.

(Terms 1 & 4)

Expo #2 – This 3-day expedition encompasses beach hiking along the Belfast Coastal Reserve, camping at Killarney and Port Fairy. The middle day also includes a surf lesson at East Beach in Port Fairy. The third day utilises the Rail Trail between Port Fairy and Koroit. This trail is completed on our tandem bikes, which is often a new cycling experience for students.

Winter Edition.

(Terms 2 & 3)

Expo #2 – This 3-day expedition explores the UNESCO World Heritage site of Budj Bim (, with the students hiking on each of the three days. The nights are spent camping at Murphy’s Hut and Lake Gorrie. The hiking provides opportunity to appreciate the scenic beauty of Lake Surprise and lava flow formations, such as the Natural Bridge, Lava Canal and various caves. Many species of native wildlife also call this National Park home, so students may also encounter koalas, kangaroos, sugar gliders and echidnas during the expedition.

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